Rafflebox 50/50 Fundraiser

The Hospital Foundations in Cape Breton are thrilled to announce beginning of our weekly online 50/50 jackpot, supporting all Hospital Foundations in Cape Breton!!
Every day, Hospital Foundations in Cape Breton raise funds to support our nine hospitals.
Each one of the Foundations are important to their local hospital, by purchasing medical equipment to enhance services already being provided or to expand a service to meet the needs of the community.
The Foundations exists to support and to connect the hospitals to the community.
As a common goal, all Foundations strive to improve healthcare and enrich the lives of patients and visitors at each of our hospitals!

1 -$5
3 – $10
20 – $20
100 – $50

Northside / Harbourview Hospital Foundation

PO Box 399
North Sydney, Nova Scotia
Canada B2A 3M4
Tel: (902) 794-5402 Fax: (902) 794-5425