Gordon’s Story

I am an eighty-eight year old man with a number of health issues. I enjoy the Seniors Day Program because it gives me a reason to get up and get dressed. I wait for the taxi to take me to the Harbourview Hospital where I meet friends and when I arrive I am offered breakfast.  My preference is a cup of tea. I like the exercise programs that loosen up my muscles.  I learn exercises that can use at home.  By going to the seniors program my caregiver David, and my wife too, have some time to shop, to go to meetings or just relax.

I enjoy the various games that help me keep active.  At noon we are served a good healthy dinner and after the meal I walk for exercise around the hospital. At 1:30, we have a time of inspiration or entertainment provided by volunteers (pastors and local musicians). There are also special days that are celebrated.

The staff at Senior’s Day provides health services and I always have my blood pressure and weight taken and the nurse records them for my doctor. I look forward to my days at the Seniors Day Program on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Gordon Carmichael

Photo Credits: White Photography

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