Funding Priorities

We are currently raising funds for the purchase of two very important pieces of equipment:

1. Spirometer for Respiratory – $13,990

2. Video Assisted Laryngoscope (C-Mac Intubation System) for Anesthesia/Operating Rooms – $30,592

The C-Mac Intubation System provides a safer environment for the patient and for those that could suffer from complications when an airway is being obtained. This equipment has the potential to be used daily and is a great teaching tool for new residents and paramedics because of the viewing screen”–  Dr. Sean Orrell, Anesthesiologist.

Photo: Kathy Tynski, RN Renal Dialysis, Corinne King, RN Renal Dialysis and sitting, patient Valerie Ferguson

Recently, thanks to the generosity of our community, the Northside/Harbourview Hospital Foundation provided funding for improvements to the Renal Dialysis Unit at Northside General Hospital. Funding will help patients like Valerie Ferguson receive the care she needs. After battling cancer, Valerie is not eligible for a kidney transplant. She has been receiving renal dialysis four hours a day, three days a week for the past seven years. Thanks to donations to the Northside/Harbourview Hospital Foundation, patients just like Valerie are treated with care here at Northside General Hospital.

Thanks to your kindness, other patients will benefit from that great care!

Gifts to the Northside/Harbourview Hospital Foundation are used to help purchase priority medical equipment like renal dialysis machines. We are also able to support recreation for our veterans and long term care patients, provide funding for an early cancer prevention department and provide support to our rehabilitation unit.

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