Daniel’s Story

As the Chair of the Northside/Harbourview Hospital Foundation, Daniel McKeough would rather be visiting the hospital for his regular board meetings but instead, he sometimes needs to use the services of the hospital. Daniel was diagnosed with diabetes at age thirteen and has spent the last fifteen years of his life with an insulin pump. Daniel attends the Diabetic Clinic twice a year and has his blood work completed at Northside General prior to his visit to the clinic.

Daniel enjoys an active life with his wife Glenda. He is officially retired as a pharmacist but does work occasionally to help with vacations and holidays. He enjoys walking, skiing and golf and especially enjoys his volunteer work with the Northside/Harbourview Hospital Foundation.

Advocating for the hospital is his opportunity to give back to the hospital for the great care he received over the years. He doesn’t give because he can, he gives because he cares.

Photo Credit: White Photography

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